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    Litespeed offering?

    Litespeed is WAY better than Apache, especially when dealing with DDoS Attacks.
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    [MERGED] DDOS Protection

    Get some DDoS Protection... Trying to fight DDoS attacks on a server sucks. The DDoS should be getting blocked at the hardware(router) level.
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    Securing VPS

    I don't have any 3rdparty processes running on the server, but I wanted to know if anyone here is an expert on server securing and might have some tweaks or tips to make it even more secure.
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    SSH Access...

    Alright, so for the Host Name field I put in my server IP and set port to 2200 and open?
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    SSH Access...

    How do you access SSH? I tried using the login in the VPS CP using root as my user and the password I used to login to the VPS CP but all I get is a blank screen...
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    Dealing with a DDoS Attack...

    Taken care of the DDoS for the most part... but now I can't get the HTTPD and SQL services to come back online. ;/
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    Dealing with a DDoS Attack...

    What's the best way to deal with it and end it?
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    SSH Question...

    So I'm under VZPP, but I can't get SSH to work. I keep getting "SSH Error: the requested connection has been refused by the remote host"