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    Happy Holidays Everyone!

    Merry Christmas!
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    APF Questions....

    I have used CSF/LFD myself now for a while and it has worked great for me. Has blocked several things for me very well.
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    chmod permissions

    May not get a reply from him too fast. This thread is about 21 months old. :)
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    Shared or VPS for SMF+Joomla!

    Welcome to Knownhost.
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    I want to use sftp connection what should I do

    WinSCP WinSCP is what I use for SFTP. It works great and best of all is free, quality software. It can be found here.
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    Securing my server

    I have the CSF and LFD and it works great.
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    Setting up DNS

    Yeah I use namecheap and changes usually happen in minutes for me. When I had it with Yahoo, it took quite a while
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    How to access ssh?

    It would be odd not being able to connect if your settings are correct. If you haven't already, I would shoot a ticket to support.
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    Vps - M

    Welcome to Knownhost
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    Name one thing you love about Knownhost

    3. Knowledge
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    cPanel VPS Optimized

    I really haven't had any problems. I did notice a few oddities with WHM in IE7 at first, but no big deal. As far as memory, I was able to set spamd up again and still get excellent memory usage.
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    Where to find cgi-bin directory?

    If they say web root they would most likely be referring to your public_html folder. The www folder is usually just a shortcut that points to your public_html folder.
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    Thank You KnownHost

    Welcome to Knownhost!
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    Nameserver not working...

    This probably needs to be moved to the shared hosting forum.
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    Anyone upgrade to Plesk 8.4?

    E-mail issue here.