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    24" monitor -- 1900x1200 center i think is nicer because regardless of what resolution or how wide the user has their browser set it will always look good assuming their resolution is as least as wide as the page width which i think it will be because i checked the site out on my mothers 12"...
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    haha it seems as i hit submit you took care of #2
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    i agree it def looks real nice. would have two suggestions on it tho: 1) center the entire site on the page. for users like myself with large monitors, it would look nicer if hte page was centered rather then left justified. its a good width and the text looks great on it just needs to be...
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    Updates and Security

    Are issues regarding securing my VPS and updating certain things like mySQL, PHP, cPanel, etc something that needs to be done on my end or your end? I keep on reading about securing your VPS on webhostingtalk and was just wondering how it is handled here. Thanks!