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    Ram/CPU/Storage Increases

    Out of curiosity, do you ever elect to increase Ram/CPU/Storage for all customers periodically? I assume that over time the cost of these going down (ex. 1 TB Flash Drive surely costs less today than it did say a year ago). Might I assume that we can look forward to increases once per year or...
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    EasyApache 4 and the new recently released mod_lsapi module.

    I am one of the people who switched from PHP-FPM to mod-Isapi. We had a problem that had been difficult to trace for a long time (actually part of the reason we left the last host because they couldn't tell us what was wrong). Every so often a folder on the server would crash. The server itself...
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    Scanning for Outdated Scripts

    Thank you. I will ask one of our developers to have a look at this.
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    Scanning for Outdated Scripts

    if I wanted to go about scanning my server for outdated scripts such as older versions of jQuery and Tiny MCE and the like, is there an easy way to do that?
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    Bluehost Transfer

    that's really interesting that Bluehost would use such tactics. I hope that you're able to get things moved well. And I think that maybe you could consider getting a full cPpanel back up the sites and just give those to Bluehost, but I don't know if that would work or not. I had a good...
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    Guest page caching

    I did this on my forum and it really sped things up. I'm very happy about this Improvement in xenforo. And I couldn't figure it out, but with the combination of the KnownHost support and my programmer, we got it working.