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    CSF custom Regex to *allow* IP's

    Hi petersconsult! Maybe I'm missing something but I don't really see the point of allowing the IP numbers temporarily. IP addresses of business are not usually dynamic and even if they are they will still usually last months. I'd say to simply scan through your maillog and manually add the IP...
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    Migrating a vbulletin forum

    Great to hear! Welcome to KH Jon!
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    Migrating a vbulletin forum

    Transferring from a slow server will absolutely affect the transfer, the obvious is that it will make it take longer. Timeouts may very well be an issue especially with a DB that large. Don't delete those backups from the server as KH can use them if they can't do the transfer. Don't forget to...
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    Migrating a vbulletin forum

    Hi Jon12345, 1) It's always a good thing to have your own backups. If cPanel at your old host is operational and they haven't disabled the transfer function then KH will do their best to do a direct transfer. However if that doesn't work they will need backups. 2) You will need to update your...
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    ConfigServer - CSF change to configuration (Country Code lookups (CC_LOOKUPS))

    Thanks Jean, I'd been seeing this error but hadn't had a chance to look into it yet.
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    Hello Members

    Howdy RylJam, welcome to KH!
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    5 years with KnownHost --> 2014/2019

    Congratulations Jean! It's awesome when things work the way they're supposed to!
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    Malware scanner for website

    Have you actually checked back with them and asked why they sent you IP numbers that aren't yours? Obviously if they block those IP numbers it wouldn't even block your website so it seems like someone made a mistake somewhere and sent you the wrong IP numbers.
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    Unable to obtain exim queue length within 30 seconds - Timed out

    Hi knowhostfan! I have not found much information on this issue other than it may be sent out at times of high server load. Is this by chance being sent when your server is running upcp/backups? Even if it is I didn't find anything in the way of a solution in my research, only that it happens...
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    whm backup is giving me a lot of trouble

    hi knowhostfan! In WHM go to Server Configuration | Configure cPanel Cron Jobs There should be a section for Command: backup and in there is where you can change the time. There is also a section for Command: cpbackup which is for the legacy cPanel backup system and you should avoid using...
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    13 Year Anniversary!

    That's an amazing amount of time to be with the same host, congratulations Skyview! They're the first host that I've been with for any length of time that hasn't sold out and had everything spiral downward as well! Thanks Knownhost and everyone who makes it what it is!
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    cPanel's new pricing structure?

    I suppose I could be mistaken but I thought that this comment by Jonathan set the issue to rest...
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    Something going on with the forum?

    Hi Daniel! That fixed it, everything's good now! Was strange because I could see my original post here but not your replies. All good now though :D Thanks!
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    Something going on with the forum?

    Is something going on with the forum? My unread thread indication is way off. The logged in indicator says 'Log in' instead of my name but when clicked pops up and says 'Oops, we ran into a problem!'. I've tried in Chrome and Firefox and both have the same thing. I figured I'd give it a day but...
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    Avid movie watchers?

    I'm pretty sure that everyone walked out of Endgame feeling that way. It's very sad to see heroes die especially when we've watched them develop for so long. Other than that I thought that the movie was very well done and I really enjoyed some of the backstory that they gave.