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    watch this funny

    Hey wath this
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    small reseller hosting How can they survive?

    The virus started from hostx with unlimited disk space and bandwidth Now host1,host2 and many other big companies are giving away unlimited (unmetered) disk space and bandwidth. This is impossible but is attracting a lot of people.:( How are those small companies or resellers going to survive?
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    How to make my two accounts seperate

    Hi I have two VPS here, Apparently with one account. The problem is that if am late paying for one the other also will go down no matter I paid for it or not. Supposing I have 5 VPS with one account and I forget to pay for one the other 4 will go down too. Not sure exactly how can...
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    putting one of my forums in different server

    Thanks I do not want to do it with subdomain I want to do it with folder Is it now possible?
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    MYSQL Remote Connection

    Not sure about your question but one thing I know when you have VPS you hardly have any limitation. let's see what others say:) On the other hand VPS here is fully managed!:)
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    Spammers wrecking havoc on the site!

    Hi you are using phpbb. Have you gone through phpbb MOD database? there are a lot of good mods in there which can help you. I use phpbb2, vbulletin , smf I have a lot of experience. I know a lot of tricks to keep the spammers away from phpbb2 but do not know about mods for phpbb3. perhaps...
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    vBulletin Hosting...

    I have kayako , whmcs and vbulletin. my vbulletin is the fastest part of my website;)
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    Check your forums profiles - new changes

    yes I agree and I think knownhost guys should work on these forums I know it is difficult and they are busy with so many support ticket. I want to contribute to these forum . just do not know how!:)
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    let's put some more useful info here

    Guys let's work on these forums and put some useful things here. this forum can be a good place to learn many things. and here is my home I prefere to ask here rather than other places!:) what do you think?
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    knownhost want to make a phone call

    Hi guys I want to talk on the phone with one in knownhost. It is about reselling. Want to do some marketing. I need to discuss some points. when should I call ? I want to talk with administratior? please let me know here or by email thanks
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    Name one thing you love about Knownhost

    Why not? I have have been going to many sites big and small and have seen many reviews about this company , Never saw a comment like this! What did you expect them to do for you? They are one of the best support I have seen. no matter what problem you had you should not insult others.:(
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    I want to use sftp connection what should I do

    How can I sue sftp connection? do I have to send a ticket to have it enabled?
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    Backup software ?!

    I tried phpmybackuppro, played around, very little function I visited their website even they did not care to put some correct screen shot about their program in there, the link populariy is low too. I visited their forum almost empty and I lost one day of my work, just lost my database so had...
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    Backup software ?!

    I am looking for some thing completely automated well actually I have done cron job as well:) still want to try new things. I am a backup guy:D My computer is full of backups any new things to learn?
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    Backup software ?!

    Thanks Dan I will give it a try Regards