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    [Coming Soon] Client Area Revamp Preview

    Before I start complaining, it was a good move to upgrade the billing system, it was very needed; also it's better overall than the old one. But it's nedlessly complex in some places (not streamlined). I just made a payment and it made me do several clicks through several pages. I liked the old...
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    Very disappointed in KnownHost Support

    Note, I have been with KH for many years and the support was always good. Also they are typically quite thorough (and you can't have both speed and attention to detail since these are mutually exclusive :))
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    What's the names of nameservers on my VPS?

    I use nameservers of my registrar, I wanted to move them to my VPS (knownhost). I need to enter 2 addresses of nameservers (usually it's and in the registrar's panel. What are these for my VPS?
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    What node I'm on (server down, can't do trace)? (

    What node I'm on (server down, can't do trace)? (
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    Suggestions for New Site

    Dedicated servers do not have "Fully Managed" listed on the feature list (VPS and Hybrid have it), unless you have a different support policy on these I would add it.
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    Suggestions for New Site

    I have been your customer for a while and if the kind quality of support is not considered Fully Managed, then I do not know what can be called by that name :D You do have fully managed VPS and you should say so. If you are so attached to wording phrase it this way "All servers are fully managed...
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    Automated PayPal Billing...

    GoDaddy uses Merchant agreement. It is nice, but I do not think that is really necessary here. I think, the real worry with us is not the need to click the "pay" button but the fear that we forgot one day and then.... all our business is offline :D Especially with your current policy that once...
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    Suggestions for New Site

    I think the old site was better. 1) When I'm a big client I enter the site and look around to see some VPS, Hybrid and managed service. No dedicated? Well, I had to try next site. 2) When I'm a small client that look for managed VPS I check first "Managed Servers", then I close the site after...
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    Partial connectivity problem on LA-CA?

    Today everyone can access my site. Seems like it fixed itself. For future information, I understand it is possible for someone to be able to access one IP range (datacenter) while not being able to access other IP range even located near it (like another datacenter in the same state) due to...
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    Partial connectivity problem on LA-CA?

    I'm getting reports from visitors that they can not access my site or the site is extremely slow. Seems like the problem exists for visitors from Belgium only (from other countries the site is very fast). The problem started after I moved from SJ-CA datacenter. Can anyone confirm it?
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    MySQL buffers size

    I'm trying to optimise mysql (the most resource intensive component on my VPS). How can I change "sort_buffer_size"? Are there any other buffers that should be increased first (I have some spare RAM)? Does these changes take effect only after the VPS is rebooted? What size of buffers should I...