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    DKIM and SPF records - needs sorting!

    Submit a ticket to the awesome support team here. They'll make sure everything is set up correctly and/or offer advice.
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    Continuity of Operations - Your Responsibilities

    Now that it's been about a week since the SSD35-TX outage occurred, I wanted to address responsibility - responsibility of the account holder. First, for full transparency, I was affected by the outage as well. We run a forum and we lost some forum posts and some recent signups. Sad, but not a...
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    Reseller and Reseller Cloud - Same?

    Good morning, I was looking at the Reseller Hosting Options this morning and have a question. On the regular Reseller page, if you click on any of the Order Now buttons, it takes you to the Reseller Cloud Hosting order form...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!!
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    Quick Glance - New Site Looks Nice!

    Hey KH! Love the new look of the site and forum!
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    Knownhost is losing quality in its

    Same. I've been extremely happy with the service they provide. Up time and speed are both amazing.
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    looking for a buy vps server - Ridhiman Alloys

    Well, I would say the best hosting provider is KnownHost! :cool: Do you know what specs you are looking for? Who is your host now and what are they lacking? What problems have you encountered with your current host?
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    Email issues and no resolution

    Have you created a support ticket?
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    Computer builds?

    With honesty upfront, I've pretty much bailed on the website design and hosting management gig now. I'm not even sure why I still have a VPS. haha But even back when I was really into, and even working for a web host, I've always used off-the-shelf Dells. No mods. Never needed them. In fact...
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    what is experience of move to ssd ?

    Might want to update the favicon. Still uses Bluehosts icon. :)
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!
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    Thanks KnownHost!

    We sometimes see threads or blog posts about cheap VPS hosts. Many look for the lowest price or the "no downtime" guarantees. Too often they end up disappointed. Slow loading times, server timeouts, or random errors often lead to less visitors or worse, less customers. I just wanted to take a...
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    Managed SSD VPS - How fast is your site?

    But there's nothing there. Just a splash page. He needs a site with content to be able test page load speeds/times.
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    WP Login Attempts, Others in Errors Log

    I have two accounts, each with a single domain on them, that have just some static splash pages. Barely any files on them. I was looking at the Errors log in cPanel and there are numerous attempts to log into wp-admin, admin.php, sample.php, etc. Neither of the accounts currently have WP...
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    How can we Install the HTTP/2 in the cPanel WHM server.

    ^ Haha. Posted at the same time. Nearly identical answers. #awesome