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    What is the difference in the lightspeed licenses and more questions!

    Hello, I'll be upgrading to KVM Cloud 2 to Cloud 3 very soon. I've been wanting to also install Lightspeed and LS Cache, but not sure of the differences in the licences (ultra VPS or 1-CPU License) and cache options (LS Cache vs Litemage Starter vs Lightmage Standard vs Lightmage Unlimited)...
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    Hardening VPS/Ded Server for WordPress w/o security Plugins

    If I'm understanding what I'm reading, a lot of hosting providers are starting to partner with CLoudflare to offer their service and easier setup via cPanel. Is this something KH is looking into? If not, why? You seem to refer to Cloudflare, wouldn't a partnership be good for everyone(them...
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    Managed VPS vs Managed Cloud KVM VPS

    Thank you Jonathan; I just sent in an email to both support and billing with a request to upgrade, and with a few more questions :) Looking forward to being on the Cloud soon! TY again!
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    Managed VPS vs Managed Cloud KVM VPS

    Thank you Jonathan, as always :) Does the cPanel/CloudLinux package provide the same speed and performance upgrade that LightSpeed Webserver with LS Cache does? Do you need both or just one of the other? Any insight appreciated.
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    Managed VPS vs Managed Cloud KVM VPS

    Good morning, Looking for some advice from both KH technicians and any fellow KH customers who've made the switch: I currently have KH SSD-4 services. I run about 80-90% of my 95 GB in RAID-10 SSD storage. Never come close to my bandwidth, and RAM has never been an issue either. However, I am...
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    KnownHost Santa Delivers: Managed KVM Cloud Servers & More

    Hello, and Merry Christmas! Been with you all since 2014, and you all are the best! Currently have SSD-4 VPS package; looking at the new MVPS-4 package (don't see anything else that resembles my current package), and it looks similar in price (at the "now as low as $80.50/month)", but has a lot...
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    Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas! (KnownHost Santa 2015 Edition)

    Thank you KH for the upgrade! You guys rock, and totally appreciate your support and service!
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    Getting "Diskwarn" emails

    TY Jonathan. Will do.
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    Getting "Diskwarn" emails

    at what point should I upgrade to the next SSD-VPS level. Currently at Level 2 and getting 83-85% disk warn messages when backup occurs. During normal operations we are at 73%. Is there a certain point to when it is best to upgrade? Thanks!