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    Websites load very slowly on VPS

    Paddy, I have the same problem as you and the others. Did you ever get this resolved with KH? Mike
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    htaccess alias

    It took some homework but I did get this to work by using the following: RewriteRule ^store/best-chardonnay-2009.php$ store/prod-info.php?id=2 RewriteRule ^store/best-white-wines.php$ store/prod-info.php?id=2 Yeah! Go SEO! It was a good exercise, learned a lot about .htacess and apache.
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    htaccess alias

    Hello, I am trying to alias dynamic urls for SEO. I think I can do this with htaccess but get an error with the code below. Alias /store/prod-info.php?id=2 /best-chardonnay-2009.php Is anyone familiar with setting this up? Your input is appreciated. Mike
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    Setting up a very simple mail bounce?

    The above works for me too, I haven't had any problems with it.
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    Hosting website pre-domain

    I'm curious how others do this but I've found subdomains work well during the design and testing process. I setup them as Everything has worked well when we get to setting up the account and moving the domain. Cheers!
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    awstats for everyone

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows how to give access to awstats so that no username or password is required. I have done this with webalizer but can't seem to figure out awstats. Thanks, Mike
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    httpd/cpanel unstable.

    If you haven't already done so open up a support ticket. They're pretty good. I've had my VPS more than a year and never had problems like this. Any issues that did come up support has been quick and competent at fixing them. good luck! Mike
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    Certificate for cpanel

    I had the same emails a few days ago and got the message below from support. If you're not comfortable doing this open a support ticket. -- reposnse from KH support -- The email you received was of the self signed SSL certificate generated by WHM which is nearing its expiration. We have now...
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    Just amazed

    Like you I've at this for many years and agree with you, the service and support here are awesome. I've had my vps almost a year now and couldn't be happier.
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    Please update the main page to

    Looks like they did a fine job! New updated....:)
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    Please update the main page to

    30 days later still news from 2006.....maybe KH needs a webmaster?
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    Nameservers, DNS, and confusion

    I don't have an answer to your server setup questions but I do know an easy way to test a website before you update the nameserver with the register. On a Windows computer you can add a static ip to the hosts file. All you need to do is open the file with notepad (usually in...
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    Roundcube Cache/Ghost headers

    Thanks Dan, that seemed to help a lot. Yes, it is the cpanel install of Roundcube. I'll check what happens after the next cpanel update. This seems to be a common problem with Roundcube. I see on their website they are close to another milestone. Hopefully the next update will address this...
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    Roundcube Cache/Ghost headers

    I've noticed old message headers will show up in the inbox of Roundcube. There is no message when I try to read it, just the header. Refreshing the page or switching folders sometimes gets rid of these ghost messages in the inbox list, sometimes not. I read that disabling the cache for...
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    Multiple Reciepent Forwarder

    Thanks for your help on this. If I find a more exciting solution I'll be sure to post it. Mike