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    NJ to MD Datacenter Migration

    Do you recommend not making any changes during the migration? How long will it take?
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    NJ to MD Datacenter Migration

    I don't understand why you guys keep moving data centers. (This is the second one I have heard of). Your services are great; I just don't understand the point of moving entire infrastructures. I know you said we won't notice at thing, but it just seems risky.
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    Shared Hosting git?

    Does shared hosting have git? If so what version? Can it be installed?
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    Vps - M

    Well I tried the VPS-M and without much traffic + cpanel the memory usage was 99-100%. I don't think the VPS-M plan has enough RAM to support a control panel. I have decided to move to a reseller account as that should support most of my needs and have better performance as all the software...