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    CentOS Drama -- Any insight/Thoughts? Has KnownHost given any thoughts or played out any "what ifs" or is it still too early?
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    Webhostingtalk attack

    If they off-site tape, you can't delete those!
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    Plesk 9.0

    What I meant was I'd just have another server with the CP control panel setup on it...and I'd migrate my sites to that.
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    Plesk 9.0

    Let me see if I can give a few details. The upgrade itself came back and reported failure. After I received the e-mail I noticed all the sites were inaccessible. I ssh'd into the box, and saw that httpd wasn't running...started httpd and sites came back up, but the control panel was still...
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    Plesk 9.0

    Well I took the plunge to upgrade to 9.0 and it failed miserable. 9.0 is HORRIBLE. If you're thinking of upgrading, run FAR FAR AWAY! I'll be making the (I hope painless) migration to cPanel.
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    Installatron Interest?

    Other than it looks like their packages are is this any different than what is currently available with Plesk in regards to installing applications now? Would this be free or an additional per month fee?
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    Plesk 9.0

    Any known issues? Should we hold off?
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    Finally took the plunge....

    Could you break down the migration process? Did you have two packages at the same time and slowly migrated everything over? There is no real 'upgrade' from plesk to cpanel correct? Just did the migration as if you were switching hosts? Thanks!
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    Finally took the plunge....

    Yeah...what he said. I've always thought about making the switch.
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    Why is Memory Usage always so high?

    I have/had httpd processes take all the RAM. Sites run fine, but control panel shows 100% RAM. I could go in and see what was taking it, kill the process, but it always comes back. If you figure out what is doing it on your box, maybe it'll fix it on mine. Post back results if you find...
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    Invasion of the spam bots?

    Seems there are also Captcha issues with IPB also. Got an e-mail the other day.
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    KnownHost VPS Special - Starting at $15/mo, Lifetime Discounts, Double Bandwidth

    As an existing customer, can I purchase this...and move all my accounts over? I want to play with cPanel, move from Plesk, and hey...why not save a little money? :D
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    Windows VPS

    There was a time I needed one...It'd definitely make my life easier in the future if I ever need another one instead of managing servers from two different hosts.
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    Plesk 9.0 roadmap

    Plesk to cPanel isn't very straight-forward migration is it? Care to describe the process? I've thought about making the switch myself.
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    IE8 impact on webhosts/servers.

    I'm with you, FF hasn't played well on my personal box, I'm now using IE7 in the interim. I hope FF3.0 clears up some 'issues' I have.