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    Access domain via IP

    Smilarly, the DirectAdmin control panel can be accessed by going to
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    Access domain via IP

    The website will be the IP address followed by /~username So something like
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    Looking for Ckassroom Test Scripts (Googled & Yahooed out!)

    You may want to check out Moodle It has a pretty active community
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    EASY Roundcube email client installation

    That is also the version that custombuild now installs. An upgrade can be performed by following the exact same steps.
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    Utilizing Google Apps Gmail for Domains

    That was one of my driving factors. I still have one site that uses my VPS for email, but that is it. The rest have been converted to gmail. Another great plus is that my users can easily manage email accounts now through gmail without having to access the DA control panel. It is the...
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    DirectAdmin hosting

    I would second that. I normally reccomend new users to DirectAdmin because of it's simplicity. Most of them only need very small hosting accounts, so I find myself directing them towards other companies even though KnownHost is truly one of the best hosts I have ever used. It would be great...
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    Installatron Interest?

    I'm interested as well. I'm currently running my own license of it on my DirectAdmin account here. It used to be that Installatron was the only option for DA. I'm not sure if that is still the case, but I still use it all the time.
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    Few questions

    The pricing is the same between the TX and CA plans. The CA plans offer double the bandwidth. I have a TX plan and I'm extremely happy with it.
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    How to see who has visted your site

    There is a stats area for each domain, but I don't think they are that detailed at all. Maybe you could incorporate Google Analytics...
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    Disable internal e-mails?

    Good to know. Happy that I could provide some guidance.
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    Disable internal e-mails?

    See if one of these helps you out: Someone was having similar problems with Google Apps and cPanel: Dan's instructions on setting up Google Apps with cPanel:
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    KnownHost VPS Special - Starting at $15/mo, Lifetime Discounts, Double Bandwidth

    I would agree... but the lifetime discount sure would be nice... I probably won't drop KH over $3.50/mo though. :)
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    Switching to VPS

    I don't think so. But I don't think you will have to either. I didn't. Once the server is up and running, you can just use the control panel to do most of your admin. KH support has been great to me.
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    Switching to VPS

    Let me offer another perspective on this point. I come from a shared hosting background and have been using a VPS from KnownHost for a while now. If you order your VPS package with the same control panel that you are used to (I use DirectAdmin), then you can pretty much administer your sites...
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    email with google apps problem

    If you have Roundcube set up to send mail, aren't you still using the gmail SMTP server? If that is the case, the mails are still being sent from an external location. I thought that is how I had mine set up. Do you have a simple php script or something that you can use to test sending...