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    VZ update system software and backups

    Mods, please delete this thread and my forum account. I've cancelled my Known Host account due to terrible service. Thank you.
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    VZ update system software and backups

    Last week I updated container software, which broke several things in WHM including disabling csf. After contacting support, the only option I was given was to restore the container from their backup. Instead I restored from my own backup which took roughly ten hours (4.4GB). Then last night...
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    Fantastico Install WHM - netenberg data directory

    On my VPS KH installed Fantastico for me and put the files in /var/netenberg so I assume that's the right place for you to put it too. :)
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    Wordpress group/user issue

    photalian and vuong184, maybe this answer is coming a little too late but I've found this problem can be due to mod security rules, not permissions. This link might be helpful: