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    Just switched to KH

    Good to hear
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    VPS seeker...

    Yeah it will only work for 2 and above afaik.
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    Getting Started Question

    Good to hear. Thats why I love KH. Super fast support.
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    Asia & Europe Locations

    I would like a UK based DC.
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    Unmanaged and managed services

    Same here and very interested in this.
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    payment failed , help me

    Had the same problem try Paypal.
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    Thinking of VPS and/or Reseller

    So overselling is not a problem great thanks.
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    VIP program coupon + Current Specials?

    Makes sense. Though I think KH should offer more promotions.
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    Knownhost Discount Rates

    I don't think so i could be wrong.
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    Great post.
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    Shared Hosting git?

    I don't think so I maybe wrong.
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    forum text is too tiny

    Maybe there is a firefox or chrome plugin that will help.
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    VPS Performance with WP

    I would go with VS2
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    WHMCS Security

    I agree I was unaware of the exploits also.
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    Is it easier that way?