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    curiousity question - port scanning

    Since I switched to cPanel, I've been getting messages about my system that I didn't get under Plesk. Some of these indicates to me that there are constant attempts to hack my system. I think it interesting to see where some of these attempts come from. It concerns me, however, when such an...
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    File Manager

    How does one adjust the column widths in cPanel's File Manager
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    Spam Assassin

    Is Spam Assassin (spamd) a resource hog?
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    Email spam control on server

    I'm a cPanel newbie. I'd like to learn how to customize email spam control. I believe that I have Spam Assassin installed somewhere.
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    Secure FTP

    I'd like a tutorial on how to set up a secure FTP directory and provide access to it.
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    New system test -- mail

    While I'm still interested in a response, I'm going to file a support ticket. I'll post my answer here.
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    New system test -- mail

    I'm a total newbie with VPS. I'm doing a manual migration from my old web hosting service to my VPS. (My old service uses DirectAdmin.) I assume that when I go to my domain registrar and point the name servers at my new VPS, this will also direct my emails there, also. I want to minimize the...
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    Questions re: Moving from hosting service to KH

    Having never had a VPS before, I have some questions. At present, I have a shared hosting account with Affordable WebWorks. I have apparently outgrown the service, which has been quite good. Here are my questions and needed capabilities: Disaster recovery. It appears that my new VPS will...