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    cron to /dev/null ?

    wget http://... > /dev/null What's wrong with this format?
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    Need some opinions on security

    I've been spending the past few days trying to come up with a way to improve a general security schema on many different kinds of software, I'm a web designer first, and a programmer second, so my knowledge of actual security is very limited, but hopefully google and wikipedia have give me...
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    load daemon at startup

    /home/user/chat/data/.daemon Maybe? I don't recall the exact format, but I do remember you need a dot to execute the file. Maybe it's ./home/usr/char/data/daemon
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    Anybody Running OSCommerce?

    Is it a general can't include error, or a open_basedir type of error that you're encountering? It should be fairly simple to fix in cPanel, if think you would just edit php.ini to turn this setting off. In Plesk you would exit the vhost (belongs somewhere in the user directory) to set it off...
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    A load of questions :)

    1) How do I backup my sites seperately, and actually be able to unzip them? I tried through plesk and I get a lot of corrupted file, it'd be possible to run gzip through SSH, but this goes against the spirit of having a control panel. 2) Do you know of a good MySQL backup script that will...
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    Changing Awstats Run Times? "Update Now?"

    How can I change the lapse between statistics updates? Or is there something I can execute to have it generated.
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    VZPP Backups

    Does this store system files as well? Say I were to start adding modules to Apache / changing MySQL for optimization, etc. Are these files included in the seemingly small "full" backup in case I screw something up. P.S. There's a lot of work I need to do, hence why I want to do it myself. :)
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    VZPP Backups

    Under VZPP there's a maintenance tab, I created a backup through that since I plan on performing a few upgrades / maintenance on my account, and seeing how I haven't performed any real server administration for well over two years, I thought I would back it up. The backup size lists only as...
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    I must say, I'm quite impressed with Known Host so far. I heard a lot of great things from WHT and decided to try it out (the incredible discount paid no small role either). I'm quite impressed that on a Saturday I was able to get such prompt sales responces, and such a quick setup (little bit...