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    WordPress caching support

    Hi @bbanelli can you tell us how your site doing after implementing ZendOpcache ?
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    Hi nice to see you here usually we chat on ticket :)

    Hi nice to see you here usually we chat on ticket :)
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    Large Number of Failed Login Attempts

    I also got failed login attempt about 5-9 times a day Since I'm using very strong password, Personally I just think that my website getting more popular (think positive) and trust the whm + confiq server will do their Job
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    which one is best ssd or hdd

    Dont use vbulletin ! Use Xenforo instead :) You can't go wrong using Xenforo + SSD ;)
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    Billing System Upgrade

    Wow..! fast reply! whether in forum or in helpdesk you guys are never sleep! I believe you folks are a Ninja :)
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    [Coming Soon] Client Area Revamp Preview

    Cool stuff, I love blesta
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    Billing System Upgrade

    The helpdesk favicon still showing kayako logo, you might want to change that ;)
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    Billing System Upgrade

    Woohoo! I'm proud to be one of your customer, Love watching you guys Grow ! Billing Layout and new website design ROCK! I like it a lot! Some suggestion & minor bug: Please add mobile app [IOS & Android] to manage our billing & support ticket, like this one, and this, or this for example.. The...
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    KnownHost Billing System Maintenance

    Awesome! Website Looks SOOOOO MUCH BETTER!! LOVE it :)
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    [Coming Soon] Client Area Revamp Preview

    I vote for this feature , inserting password, port , etc each time can be annoying & time consuming
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    KnownHost Receives its First Review Signal Award

    Congratulation Folks! KnownHost REALLY deserve to be the Best Managed VPS !
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    [Coming Soon] Client Area Revamp Preview

    Wow so you guys build the billing system from scratch! Great to hear it! And Yes I agree whmcs is powerful but has bug & lot of security issue
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    [Coming Soon] Client Area Revamp Preview

    Wooohooo! Finally you guys doing awesome job! btw if I'm not mistaken that new upcoming billing is using WHMCS (with customized template) ?
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    KnownHost Santa 2014

    Known Host = You are well known hosting that know how to pleased the customer! THANK YOU! I have no regret moving my vps here.. cause I can focus grow my business without the need to worry manage my vps
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    Servername or IP, or Domain in Invoices

    I'm guessing you guys will be changing that "old" billing systems ? Great to hear :)