Why Small Businesses Should Invest More in Content Marketing

content marketing for small busiiness

Many small business owners hear they should invest in content marketing, but they may not be sure what that is or why it is important. Content marketing is a type of marketing that attracts customers through the creation, distribution and promotion of content. Here are a few reasons as to why it can benefit your company.

More Content Means More Visibility

One thing that almost everyone understands is the way to be visible online is to be active. You need to refresh your content and keep it up to date. If you do not have time to make the content yourself, outsource to individuals or agencies that know how to write high-quality content.

Very Successful if Done Well

You will find content marketing strategies on almost any webpage. However, not everyone is using content marketing in a successful manner. You want to make sure that you update your blog regularly, release a weekly newsletter, and offer new information that your readers want to know.

Create a publishing calendar

Content marketing is a strategy that requires planning. There are many free content calendars available, including using Google’s calendar. You can assign articles to individual writers and they will be able to see when they need to be posted to the public.

In addition, when you plan, you will not have to stress about what content you will put up. Have your content match things that are popular at the time. For example, look at running content about Black Friday and Christmas at the beginning of November when everyone is searching for it.

Excellent Way to Increase Traffic

If you want to increase traffic to your site, then content marketing is the way to go. Search engines like sites that put up new content on a regular basis. They also like content that is shared regularly, so blog posts that can be shared on social media platforms are highly successful.

It is important that when you publish articles, they be either on your site or on a highly reputable site with links to your page.

Extremely Versatile

The best part about content marketing is it can be tweaked to work on any platform. A blog post can be summed up into a short sentence with a hashtag and a link to be put on Twitter, or use a graphic and circulated around Pinterest. Make sure that any content you put on your site is easy to share on any social media platform.

Brings Awareness to your Brand

The number one way to bring awareness to your brand is to put the time into getting your name out there. People share information online or by word of mouth. If you are not producing content, then you lose one of the key ways to draw attention to your company.

Content marketing is a slower way to drive traffic, but is one that given more influence. When you want something that has influence, you will want to make sure the articles you put on your blog are high quality and to the point.

Quickly makes you an Expert

The hard work of keeping content fresh will pay off, as people will turn to your company for the answers. You will be viewed as a solid voice, especially if you can be found on many platforms. The content you produce should be available in text, pictures, and video whenever possible.

If you want to engage more viewers, give your audience the ability to comment on the posts. It is then very important that you engage back through replies to the comments or gratitude for the shares. In this manner, you will be learning more about your industry and what readers are looking for.

You Build a Loyal Following

If you provide content that people find interesting and full of information, you will find your readers returning. This will bring new readers, as your current audience begins to talk about your small business to others.

People are more likely to stay with your brand if you continue to give them interesting information and follow it with positive experiences. When people feel they are valued, they are going to continue to come back.

In Conclusion

Small businesses are taxed with the amount of money and time they have available to market. Social media offers a free outlet when used correctly. People will only buy from you if they know about you, so using content marketing is the easiest way to bring in business.

It has been shown that companies who have websites with blogs bring in nearly 70-percent more business than those who do not have a blog. The blog gives your audience the ability to engage, share, and keep up with the times.

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