7 Marketing Tips to Improve Your Facebook Marketing

facebook marketing tips

As a small business owner, you should realize that Facebook could draw in customers to your business website. However, in order to do so, your marketing tactics need to be done in a manner that makes your fans comfortable and feel relevant without you breaking your marketing funds.

Here are 7 Facebook marketing tips for small business owners.

#1 – Consistently Analyze Your Competitors Page

As a small business owner, it’s crucial to not reinvent the wheel. Look at your competitors, especially if they have been in business longer than you have.

You want to pay attention to see what they are doing well. Looking at big brands will help you get on the right path.

Questions to Consider:

  • How do they engage with their fans?
  • What type of offers do they present?
  • Have they consistently shared blog posts?

Also, be sure to pay attention to what they are not doing so well. You may be able to capture their audience and reel them over to you.

#2 – Create and Promote Value Added Content

As a business owner, you must realize that Facebook is a social sharing website. The reason for so many recent algorithm changes is that Facebook wants more engagement from businesses and less sales-driven content. Your content should be meaningful and engaging to your audience.

With that said, you need to create and provide value-added content your audience is concerned about. Remember, it’s not always, about what product or service you can provide them. Provide alternate solutions to your customer’s problems.

If for example, you provide house-cleaning services, consider dinner time-saving tips for the busy parents. If you offer electronic products, your clients may be interested in how they can save money on new laptops.

#3 – Pay Attention to Expand Your Facebook Organic Reach

To keep your fans coming back to your Facebook page, give them a reason to. You must know your audience and what interests them. This will help you expand your organic reach, without the need for Facebook ads.

Do not just make a Facebook post and never check back in on it. Check your posts frequently throughout the day. It is ideal to reply to comments left by your fans and see what types of posts they share with their Facebook friends.

#4 – Keep Up with Facebook Insights

A major part of knowing your audience is paying attention to your Facebook Insights and studying the demographics. You may find it shocking to discover that you have more of a male audience than female. This could change your marketing approach.

Facebook Insights also gives you a clue to when you should post your most vital content. Your fans may be online during the evening, when they have the time to read, engage, and click on your posts.

#5 – Post during the Best Time of Day

Once you know the best times to post, you can set this up automatically. As a business owner, you do not have time to be on Facebook all day. Use Facebook’s scheduler or sign up for social sharing tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer.

#6 – Respond to Your Followers

Make the most out of the time you spend on Facebook to engage with your Facebook fans. If they send you a message, be sure to reply in a meaningful way. If they post directly to your page, respond to that.

Responding to followers is a great way to provide a human touch on your page. This is how you can build relationships with customers and other like-minded businesses.

#7 – Stay Active in Relevant Facebook Groups

Another Facebook marketing tip is to venture outside of your actual Facebook business page. Just as you may comment on similar business blogs, you should do so on similar Facebook business pages and Facebook groups.

Tips for Interacting in Facebook Groups

Join three to four new Facebook groups a week. Start engaging with the threads, visiting others blog posts, and adding value to the group. Afterward, start sharing your content, direct others to your Facebook page, and send offers.

Never drop posts and leave these groups. The moderators are watching even when you think they are not. They can spot spam a mile away.


A part of active engagement on Facebook involves creating a relaxed atmosphere. Allow followers to comment on your posts. In return, you can have an intriguing conversation that goes viral.

To get your threads going, ask open-ended questions rather than an informal call-to-action. Approach your fans by asking them how they feel about your product rather than coaching them to buy it.

Put Up Friendly Content That Is Totally Outside Your Norm

  • Post creative picture quotes
  • Post funny infographics
  • Put up emotional YouTube videos


Marketing on Facebook can be done effectively if you take the time to research your customers. Remember, your fans are human, and you want them to not only “like” your posts, but also feel open to engage with them. This will keep them coming back and sharing your content with others.

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