6 Tips for Creating Irresistibly Clickable Headlines

The headline is everything. Without an attractive headline, you are going to have serious problems making any headway with your target audience. The six tips given in this guide are going to show you the key ingredients for a successful headline for any blog you happen to put out.


1.      Begin with the Four Us

This is the perfect tip for those starting from ground zero. To begin with, you need to come up with a decent framework that will help you construct your headline. This framework is designed to help you build a great headline, regardless of the subject.

The Four Us

Unique – Make your headline unique by adding your own personal spin on it. This could come in the form of some controversy or some unusual words. The point is to catch people’s eye when they are swimming in a sea of other blog headlines.

Ultra-Specific – People have incredibly short attention spans. They aren’t going to click unless they can be sure they will get something out of it. Be specific about what people are going to get out of reading your blog.

Urgency – Add a sense of urgency to your headline. Make people think that they have to read this article now or they are going to suffer for it. This is especially useful if you are selling some sort of course.

Useful – Your headline has to make it clear that what people are about to read is going to be of some use to them. You need to invite people to improve themselves. They have to take something away from your blog.

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2.      Using Numbers and Digits

The list article is likely the most popular type of article on the web. Seasoned veterans of the Internet may be sick of them, but they still work. The reason why they come up so often is because the headlines are likely to get clicked.

A Psychological Thing

Studies have shown that people are naturally drawn to headlines that have digits in them. The use of words and numbers together make headlines stand out. It has the psychological effect that contrasting colors do.

3.      Add the Benefit to the Headline

Look at the headline of any popular blog and inspect it. You will be able to see that there’s a clear benefit to be had. And this is made abundantly clear. You need to demonstrate a clear value proposition to your reader if you are going to get them to click.

People should already know what they are going to get as soon as they click.

4.      Using Data

It should be stated that not every type of article will have data in the headline. It isn’t always necessary, especially if you are writing some form of ultra-casual article. When it does fit in, this is an extremely powerful tool for encouraging people to click. Just make sure that it’s a genuine fact and you haven’t made it up for click value.

All in How Specific It Is

The reason why it works so well is because it’s specific. Rather than a generalization, people are showing precisely how the data applies. It can also have the psychological effect of following the crowd.

For example, if you say 90% of people do X, people will wonder why they are not part of that group and want to find out more.

5.      Create Multiple Headlines

The first headline you come up with likely won’t be your best. Unless you happen to be a genius, the chances are you will come up with something better soon enough. Create multiple headlines to make sure that you are giving yourself the best shot of attracting people to your blog.

Using Keywords in Headlines

For SEO reasons, it is worth looking into how you can use keywords. But never try to force them in for the sake of it. A clunky headline is more damaging than the benefits a couple of keywords can bring.

6.      Make it Short

The best headlines are those that do not take up the entire screen. Keep your headlines under 70 characters and a maximum of eight words. Not only will this help with SEO, but it will also improve readability. People will not read long headlines. Your goal is to make people click, so don’t turn them off from the beginning.

Getting Started Right Now

It’s time to get started with creating some stellar headlines. The best thing you can do is to create a few headlines before you begin actually writing your blog. Then come up with some more headlines after you have finished writing and compare them. You will have a far greater selection and you will be more likely to hit upon something good.

How will you make sure that you get the right headlines today?

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