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Find Quick Answers

People want answers, they can get via FAQ, Help section, Wiki or Forums (if not by phone or email, depending on hours and how they like to get information).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our product pages answer some questions and our FAQ page answers even more.

  • How does some stuff work? ›
  • What is the difference between VPS, Cloud, and Shared Web Hosting? ›
  • Can you tell me where I can find stuff? ›
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Our Blog

Our blog explains topics in great detail, offering in-depth explanations.

  • How to save 30% for LIFE on VPS? ›
  • What WordPress themes are great for eCommerce? ›
  • What ways can I reboot my VPS? ›
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Our Wiki

Thousands of topics covering everything from mail server errors to control panels and firewalling.

  • What is mail server error 4xx? ›
  • How can I check exim's email queue from the command line? ›
  • How do I create rules for CSF? ›
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Our Forums

Discuss issues with KnownHost staff, customers and the Internet community at large.

  • How do I check the KnownHost network and hardware status pages? ›
  • Where do I submit suggestions for further improving services? ›
  • How do I connect to VPS via FTP? ›